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Master's Degree Teachings (P38)

2 years (120 CFU)

I Year

I Semester

Teaching ECTS
Azionamenti Elettrici per Automazione e Robotica 9
Complementi di Controllo 6
Complementi di Meccanica 9
Modelli e Metodi della Ricerca Operativa 6

II Semester

Teaching ECTS
Identificazione e controllo ottimo 6
Progetto e Sviluppo di Sistemi in Tempo Reale (Design and Developmenti of Real-Time Systems) 9
Foundations of Robotics 9

II Year

I Semester

Teaching ECTS
Nonlinear Dynamics and Control 9
Numerical Models for Field Problems 9
Modelling and Field Dynamics
Prototipazione Virtuale
Robotica Medica
Control Lab 6
Robotics Lab
At the student's own choice (see table below) 12

II Semester

Teaching  ECTS
Advanced Control Engineering (Mod. Discrete Event Systems and Supervisory Control) 6
Advanced Control Engineering (Mod. Control of Complex Systems and Networks) 6
Advanced Robotics (Mod. Field and Service Robotics) 6
Advanced Robotics (Mod. Robot Interaction Control) 6
Further Knowledge (*) 6
Final test 12 


(*) The "Further Knowledge" can be acquired by the student as part of the work for the preparation of the Thesis. The acquisition of this knowledge must be certified through an AC model, countersigned by the supervisor of the degree thesis. The "Further knowledge" can also be acquired through extramoenal or intramoenal internships.

Curricular / autonomous choice courses for PdS of automatic approval

Teaching CdS of reference ECTS
A teaching of common curricular choice   9
A teaching from the Automation & Control Engineering course   6-12
A teaching from the Robotics course   6-12
Algoritmi Distribuiti e Progettazione dei Sistemi di Controllo su Rete LM Ing. of Automation and Robotics 6
Biometric systems LM Informatics 6
Circuits per DSP LM Ing. Electronic 9
Cloud and datacenter networking LM Ing. Informatics 3
Cognitive computing systems LM Ing. Informatics 6
Computer systems design LM Ing. Informatics 9
Computer vision LM Informatics 6
Control architectures for autonomous driving driving (Mod. Control systems for autonomous ground vehicles) (**) LM Autonomous Vehicle Engineering 6
Control architectures for autonomous driving driving (Mod. Mobile robots) (**) LM Autonomous Vehicle Engineering 6
Distributed systems LM Ing. Informatics 6
Dinamica e Controllo dei Velivoli (Flight Dynamics and Control) LM Ing. of Automation and Robotics 6
Multimedia signal processing LM Ing. TLC 9
Embedded systems LM Ing. Informatics 6
Human-robot interaction LM Informatics 6
Image Processing for Computer Vision LM Ing. TLC 9
Intelligent robotics LM Informatics 6
Introduzione ai Circuiti Quantistici (Introduction to Circuit Quantum Electrodynamics) LM Ing. Electronic 9
Instrumentation and measurements for smart industry LM Ing. TLC  9
Machine learning LM Ing. Informatics 6
Machine learning (Mod. Statistical learning) LM Informatics 6
Machine learning (Mod. Neural Networks and deep learning)  LM Informatics 6
Methods for artificial intelligence LM Informatics 6
Formal Methods  LM Ing. Informatics 3
Nonlinear systems  LM Math Eng.  6
Plasmas and thermonuclear fusion LM Ing. Electric 9
Power devices and circuits  LM Ing. Electronic 9
Sustainable product design and development LM Ing. Meccanics Prog. Prod.  9
Propulsion of electric vehicles LM Ing. of Automation and Robotics 6
Terrestrial and satellite radio localization LM Ing. TLC  9
Operational research II LM Ing. Management 9
Social, ethical and psychological issues in artificial intelligence  LM Informatics  6
Statistical Learning and Data Mining LM Ing. of Automation and Robotics 6
Tomography and imaging: principles, algorithms and numerical methods LM Ing. TLC 9


(**) Students who opt for the integrated teaching of Control architectures for autonomous driving (12 CFU) will not be able to choose the integrated teaching of Advanced Robotics and, therefore, will not be able to opt for the Robotics course.


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