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Bachelor Degree Teachings (N39)

3 years (180 CFU)

I Year

I Semester

Teaching ECTS
Calculus I  9
General Physics I  6
Fondamenti di Informatica  9

II Semester

Teaching ECTS
Geometry and Algebra  6
Calculus II  6
General Physics II  6
Calcolatori Elettronici  9
English  3

II Year

I Semester

Teaching  ECTS
Mathematical Methods for Engineering  8
Basic Circuits  9
Teoria dei Segnali (Signal Theory)  9

II Semester

Teaching ECTS
Modeling and Simulation  9
Programmazione  9
Teoria dei Sistemi  9
Electronic I  9

III Year

I Semester

Teaching ECTS
Controlli automatici  9
Macchine ed Azionamenti Elettrici  9
Fundamentals of Measurements  6
Measurements Laboratory  3

II Semester

Teaching ECTS
Fundamentals of Mechanics  10
Tecnologie dell'Automazione Industriale (Mod. Tecnologie dei Sistemi di Automazione e Controllo)  8
Tecnologie dell'Automazione Industriale (Mod. Sistemi Elettrici Industriali)  4
At the student's choice  6+6
Final test  

Autonomous choice for automatic approval PdS

Teaching CdS of reference ECTS
Chemistry Aerospace Engineering  6
Economics and business organization Master's Degree Electrical Engineering  6
Technical Physics Civil engineering  6
Elements of Artificial Intelligence Computer engineering  6
Computer Networks I Telecommunications and Digital Media Engineering  6



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